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Another Method for Bend.

together to form the mould, with the exception of the tl
layer on the internal core, which must first be removed, ;
two half cores taken off the plate and put back to bac
forming a complete central core. The whole mould is
at Fig. 26, the bent part of the core being supported by a
given in detail at K ; being a bent, tinned, plate.

It must be quite understood that if many castings are r<
the above operation would not be performed, as a patten
give more expeditious results.


A slightly different, but more usual way of moulding
bend, is to cast two plates, as at L, Fig. 2 6A, from a
pattern of the shape of the pipe, a little margin being left:
side, the figure being for a pipe having flanges at the end!
template takes the form M, and has a few nails driven in